AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysUpdate to B4 release.Omar Pakker
2021-07-05Include patch to fix resulting build's version info.Omar Pakker
2021-02-22Update to B3. Re-add Linux host application now that it builds again.Omar Pakker
2021-01-18Update project & download URL.Omar Pakker
2020-10-17Update to B2Omar Pakker
2020-05-07Bump pkgrel to force rebuild.Omar Pakker
2020-03-02Add patch to be able to build with latest binutilsOmar Pakker
2019-07-25Update to the first official release version.Omar Pakker
2019-07-15Bump pkgrel to force rebuild (nettle .so bump)Omar Pakker
2019-07-01Update to B1-rc6Omar Pakker
2019-06-16Add patch for kvmfr kernel module to allow for correct DKMS builds.Omar Pakker
2019-06-04Correct libconfig dependency removal; did remove the depends entry but forgot...Omar Pakker
2019-06-02Set epoch as the inconsistent/alphanumeric versioning causes the latest versi...Omar Pakker
2019-06-02Remove previously used dkms.conf as we switched to the upstream included oneOmar Pakker
2019-06-02Updated for B1-rc5; use provided dkms.conf, add linux c-hostOmar Pakker
2019-03-18Apply pull request 126 to release a12 to build against current spice-protocol...Omar Pakker
2018-12-21Backport changes made in looking-glass-git now that a12 has been released.Omar Pakker
2018-06-02Update to version a11 and add the new kernel module.Omar Pakker
2017-12-28Updated to version a10.Omar Pakker
2017-12-22Initial commit for tagged releases package of Looking Glass.Omar Pakker