AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-12Bump the package versionMaxime Arthaud
2020-12-12Fix errors in go testsMaxime Arthaud
2020-12-12Fix various build errorsMaxime Arthaud
2018-08-15Fix for latest glibc (missing sys/ustat.h)Maxime Arthaud
2018-06-16Fix test ValueTracking.GuaranteedToTransferExecutionToSuccessorMaxime Arthaud
2018-05-29Clean up patchesMaxime Arthaud
2018-05-28Add patches to fix mips testsMaxime Arthaud
2018-05-13Update pkgrelMaxime Arthaud
2018-05-13Fix compile error with GCC >= 8Maxime Arthaud
2017-10-24Install in /usr/lib/llvm-4.0 to avoid conflictsMaxime Arthaud
2017-10-11Update pkgrelMaxime Arthaud
2017-10-11Compile with compiler-rtMaxime Arthaud
2017-10-11Add fix for latest glibcMaxime Arthaud
2017-10-06Enable SSP and PIE by defaultMaxime Arthaud
2017-10-05Initial commitMaxime Arthaud