AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-19linuxqq: update to 2.0.0_b2_1084OriginCode
2020-04-09update to Chen
2020-04-01remove unused '/'Jack Chen
2020-04-01repack the offical package according to AUR package etiquetteJack Chen
2020-04-01update to Chen
2019-10-31script formatJack Chen
2019-10-30fix missing nss dependsJack Chen
2019-10-29script optimizationJack Chen
2019-10-29minor fixesJack Chen
2019-10-28add .gitignoreJack Chen
2019-10-28update .SRCINFOOriginCode
2019-10-28improving PKGBUILD, deprecating support for aarch64 architectureOriginCode
2019-10-28move tencent-qq to general directoryJack Chen
2019-10-28update dependsJack Chen
2019-10-28update dependsJack Chen
2019-10-25update source link for aarch64 platformJack Chen
2019-10-25switch to pacman pkg on x86_64 platformJack Chen
2019-10-25add a shortcut to qqJack Chen
2019-10-25update dependsJack Chen
2019-10-24update pkgdescJack Chen
2019-10-24remove unsupported mips64el architectureJack Chen
2019-10-24fix urlJack Chen
2019-10-24init commitJack Chen