AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-17Update To v5.11.15Houge Langley
2021-04-15Update To v5.11.14Houge Langley
2021-04-11Fix downloadHouge Langley
2021-04-11Update To v5.11.13Houge Langley
2021-04-08Update To v5.11.12Houge Langley
2021-04-01Fixed patch failedHouge Langley
2021-03-31Update To v5.11.11Houge Langley
2021-03-27Update To v5.11.10Houge Langley
2021-03-25Update To v5.11.9Houge Langley
2021-03-21Update v5.11.8Houge Langley
2021-03-18UpdateHouge Langley
2021-03-12Update To v5.11.6Houge Langley
2021-03-10Update To v5.11.5Houge Langley
2021-03-08Update To v5.11.4Houge Langley
2021-03-05Update To v5.11.3Houge Langley
2021-03-02Update UKSMHouge Langley
2021-02-28Update Xanmod UKSM to v5.11.2Houge Langley
2021-02-24update xanmod 5.11.1Houge Langley
2021-02-16Update and fixedHouge Langley
2021-02-16Happy VDHouge Langley
2021-02-16Try to fix firstHouge Langley
2021-02-16Update to 5.11, HappyVDHouge Langley
2021-02-14Update and fixedHouge Langley
2021-02-14Update to v5.10.16Houge Langley
2021-02-11Update to v5.10.15Houge Langley
2021-02-08Update To v5.10.14Houge Langley
2021-02-04to v5.10.13-1Houge Langley
2021-01-31Update Xanmod UKSM kernel to v5.10.12Houge Langley
2021-01-31Update Xanmod UKSM kernel to v5.10.12Houge Langley
2021-01-28fixed pkgbaseHouge Langley
2021-01-28linux-xanmod-uksm v5.10.11Houge Langley