AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-19autu: Update to 3.16.82-1Chris Severance
2020-01-12autu: Update to 3.16.81-1Chris Severance
2019-12-20autu: Update to 3.16.80-1Chris Severance
2019-11-24autu: Update to 3.16.78-1Chris Severance
2019-11-16autu: Update to 3.16.77-1Chris Severance
2019-11-03autu: Update to 3.16.76-1Chris Severance
2019-10-05autu: Update to 3.16.75-1Chris Severance
2019-09-25autu: Update to 3.16.74-1Chris Severance
2019-08-13autu: Update to 3.16.72-1Chris Severance
2019-07-24autu: Update to 3.16.71-1Chris Severance
2019-07-14autu: Update to 3.16.70-1Chris Severance
2019-06-21autu: Update to 3.16.69-1Chris Severance
2019-05-26autu: Update to 3.16.68-1Chris Severance
2019-05-17autu: Update to 3.16.67-1Chris Severance
2019-05-08autu: Update to 3.16.66-1Chris Severance
2019-04-12autu: Update to 3.16.65-1Chris Severance
2019-03-31autu: Update to 3.16.64-1Chris Severance
2018-12-18autu: Update to 3.16.62-1Chris Severance
2018-12-01autu: Update to 3.16.61-1 binutils 2.31.1 patchesChris Severance
2018-10-26autu: Update to 3.16.60-1Chris Severance
2018-10-15autu: Update to 3.16.59-1Chris Severance
2018-06-19autu: Update to 3.16.57-1Chris Severance
2018-03-27Update to 3.16.56Chris Severance
2018-03-08Update to 3.16.55Chris Severance Update to 3.16.55Chris Severance
2018-02-14Update to 3.16.54Chris Severance
2018-02-14Update to 3.16.54Chris Severance
2018-02-07Update to 3.16.53Chris Severance
2017-10-14Updated to 3.16.49James Bunton
2017-09-18Updated to 3.16.48James Bunton
2017-08-29Updated to 3.16.47James Bunton
2017-07-23Updated to 3.16.46James Bunton
2017-07-05Updated to 3.16.45James Bunton
2017-07-05Added utilityJames Bunton
2017-06-08Updated to 3.6.44James Bunton
2017-04-06Updated to 3.16.43James Bunton
2017-03-17Updated to 3.16.42James Bunton
2017-03-13Re-added note about dm_cache_smqJames Bunton
2017-03-05Update SRCINFOJames Bunton
2017-03-05Use pacman hook for mkinitcpioJames Bunton
2017-03-05Cleanups (https link, remove old conflicts/replaces)James Bunton
2017-03-05gitignoreJames Bunton
2017-03-02Updated to 3.16.41James Bunton
2017-02-24Updated to 3.16.40James Bunton
2016-11-21Updated to 3.16.39James Bunton
2016-10-24Updated to 3.16.38James Bunton
2016-08-26Updated to 3.16.37James Bunton
2016-08-25Updated to 3.16.37James Bunton
2016-08-15Initial commit with 3.16.36James Bunton