AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-23bump to latest commitGrey Christoforo
2020-01-17fix the build (thank you robots)Grey Christoforo
2019-04-26fix config fileGrey Christoforo
2019-04-25fix config file locationGrey Christoforo
2019-03-22update for linux 5Grey Christoforo
2019-01-11add srcinfoGrey Christoforo
2019-01-11pin to working commitGrey Christoforo
2019-01-11pin to revisionGrey Christoforo
2018-09-12make cleanGrey Christoforo
2018-08-09add udev rule for permissions on /dev/gpibGrey Christoforo
2018-08-08update to get back onto SVN edgeGrey Christoforo
2018-08-08fix extramodules locationGrey Christoforo
2018-04-08bump verGrey Christoforo
2018-04-07force to r1730 for nowGrey Christoforo
2018-04-03change some wordsGrey Christoforo
2018-04-03initial commitGrey Christoforo