AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-31Update to v0.7.2.1878.Donald Webster
2020-05-07Tweak description.Donald Webster
2019-11-25Add SyslogIdentifier to service file.Donald Webster
2019-10-04Remove Lidarr.Update folder to reduce package size.Donald Webster
2019-10-04Forgot the ol .SRCINFO.Donald Webster
2019-10-04Remove libmediainfo from depend.Donald Webster
2019-09-17Update to v0.7.1.1381.Donald Webster
2019-09-11Update to v0.7.0.1347.Donald Webster
2019-08-24Add qbittorrent to opt depends.Donald Webster
2019-05-23Update to v0.6.2.883.Donald Webster
2019-04-16Update to v0.6.1.830.Donald Webster
2019-04-15Switch from double quotes to single quotes.Donald Webster
2019-04-15Switch chromaprint to depends.Donald Webster
2019-04-13Add chromaprint as optdepend.Donald Webster
2019-04-12Update to v0.6.0.815.Donald Webster
2018-12-12Update to v0.5.0.583.Donald Webster
2018-12-03Update to v0.5.0.576.Donald Webster
2018-09-18Update to v0.4.0.524.Donald Webster
2018-09-10Add --debug to mono.Donald Webster
2018-08-01Use more effecient chmod.Donald Webster
2018-07-29Update to v0.3.1.471.Donald Webster
2018-07-12Switch to recommended Restart and KillMode.Donald Webster
2018-05-30Update to v0.3.0.430.Donald Webster
2018-05-15Add log symlink to /var/log.Donald Webster
2018-04-29Add #comment to tmpfiles file.Donald Webster
2018-04-21Update to v0.2.0.371.Donald Webster
2018-04-14Update to v0.2.0.361.Donald Webster
2018-04-10Update to v0.2.0.356.Donald Webster
2018-04-06Update to Webster
2018-03-27Update to v0.2.0.321.Donald Webster
2018-03-25Update to v0.2.0.319.Donald Webster
2018-03-19Update to v0.2.0.308.Donald Webster
2018-03-17Switch to hard coded url.Donald Webster
2018-03-17Update to v0.2.0.306.Donald Webster
2018-03-16Update to v0.2.0.301 and switch to systemds tmpfiles.Donald Webster
2018-03-08Use @binhex curl plus grep for ease of life. Remove MONO_TLS_PROVIDER and --d...Donald Webster
2018-03-08Add .gitignore.Donald Webster
2018-03-08updated to Frenzel
2018-02-19Updated to Frenzel
2018-02-08version Frenzel
2018-01-13cleaup of quotesSven Frenzel
2018-01-13updated to Frenzel
2017-12-19actually update version numberSven Frenzel
2017-12-19Updated to Frenzel
2017-12-14Updated to Frenzel
2017-11-23version Frenzel
2017-10-27Updated to Frenzel
2017-10-24updated to Frenzel
2017-10-09Updated to Frenzel
2017-10-06Updated to Frenzel