AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-11Swap to building with cmake to support downstream packages (e.g. psi4).James Spencer
2019-10-18Update download URLJames Spencer
2019-05-25Correct license to MPL2 (changed from LGPL from 4.1.0 onwards)James Spencer
2019-03-21Update to 4.3.4James Spencer
2018-10-07Update to 4.2.3James Spencer
2018-03-07Upgrade to 4.0.4James Spencer
2018-01-18Upgrade 4.0.3James Spencer
2016-10-01Also build shared libraries.James Spencer
2016-05-12Update to 3.0.0James Spencer
2016-02-15Update to 2.2.2James Spencer
2015-06-13Initial commitJames Spencer