AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-15Added make dependency, since the glibc package does not contain the rpcgen an...Arthur Borsboom
2018-05-13Updated to v4.3ArthurBorsboom
2018-04-11Removed unneeded temporary storage in libvirt.installArthurBorsboom
2018-04-02Build with Python v3 instead of Python v2Arthur Borsboom
2018-03-06Reverted with-numad option, since configure gives the error: You must install...ArthurBorsboom
2018-03-06Replaced dependency ceph for ceph-libs; added NUMA support; fixed prepare/bui...ArthurBorsboom
2017-06-14Updated versionArthurBorsboom
2017-05-25Updated version to
2017-03-28Update to v3.2.0 RC12ArthurBorsboom
2016-07-02Update package to v2.0.0 including removal of unneeded systemd patchArthur Borsboom
2016-04-17Fixed a dependency typo in the .SRCINFO fileArthur Borsboom
2016-04-17Mostly aligned libvirt-git with libvirt package, except for some build parame...Arthur Borsboom
2016-01-03Removed all initd instructions in the libvirt install, since systemd is the c...Arthur Borsboom
2016-01-03Added chmod and chown statements in packaging due to a warning reported by a ...Arthur Borsboom
2015-12-26Updated post install text to include systemd and not only init-vArthurBorsboom
2015-12-23Updated versionArthurBorsboom
2015-11-21Updated version numberArthur Borsboom
2015-10-20Updated package version and contributor listArthur Borsboom
2015-06-12Initial importArthurBorsboom