AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-06Reindent PKGBUILD (3 space indent is terrible ok)Winston Weinert
2017-04-06Ensure libtcod only links against its own versionWinston Weinert
2017-04-06Pin version at 1.5.1 for brogue - called libtcod-151Winston Weinert
2017-04-06Revert back to 1.5.1Winston Weinert
2017-03-04Version 1.6.3Feufochmar
2017-02-06Update to version 1.6.2Feufochmar
2015-08-27Use the mercurial repository on bitbucket as source.Guillaume Delacourt
2015-06-11Initial importGuillaume Delacourt