AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-06fix glsm compile errorOliver Jaksch
2019-08-17Remove gles define that was added in recent ndk versionsOliver Jaksch
2019-06-25Clang updatedOliver Jaksch
2018-10-14Add scrollwheel support for switching item, update GLSMOliver Jaksch
2017-12-23Minor updates, don't include .info anymoreOliver Jaksch
2017-10-29add travis build scriptOliver Jaksch
2017-07-12Various updatesOliver Jaksch
2016-09-16Set group to libretroOliver Jaksch
2016-08-25cleanupsOliver Jaksch
2016-06-17Update GLSMOliver Jaksch
2016-05-22${MSG}Oliver Jaksch
2016-05-15${MSG}Oliver Jaksch
2016-03-20${MSG}Oliver Jaksch
2016-03-11${MSG}Oliver Jaksch
2016-03-09Initial commitOliver Jaksch