AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-05Upgrade to 1.68David Runge
2020-09-05Upgrade to 1.67David Runge
2020-08-12Upgrade to 1.66David Runge
2020-06-05Upgrading to 1.64.1.David Runge
2020-06-01Upgrading to 1.64.0David Runge
2020-04-29PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.63.David Runge
2020-04-07PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.62.2.David Runge
2020-04-01PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.62. Adding php's sockets extension during build.David Runge
2020-03-02PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.61.David Runge
2020-02-04PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.60.David Runge
2020-01-06PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.59.David Runge
2019-11-25PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.58. Updating maintainer info.David Runge
2019-10-29PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.57.David Runge
2019-09-30PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.56.David Runge
2019-09-03PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.55.David Runge
2019-07-29PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.54.David Runge
2019-07-04PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.53.1.David Runge
2019-06-14PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.52. Adding uwsgi configuration.David Runge
2019-02-28librenms.logrotate: Removing, as it's included in source.David Runge
2018-10-07v1.43Anthony Ruhier
2018-03-10Use php-net-ipv4/6 and refactoringAnthony Ruhier
2018-03-05First cleaning stepAnthony Ruhier
2018-02-27v1.37Anthony Ruhier
2018-02-18v1.36.01Anthony Ruhier
2018-02-18Fix logs symlink and logrotateAnthony Ruhier
2018-01-21v1.35Anthony Ruhier
2017-09-03v1.31.02Anthony Ruhier
2017-08-28v1.31.01Anthony Ruhier
2017-08-27v1.31Anthony Ruhier
2017-08-26v1.30.01Anthony Ruhier
2016-07-12Updated to version 201607Nils Czernia
2016-06-23Updated to new versionNils
2016-06-23Added .gitignoreNils
2016-05-19Removed replacement of python by python2Nils
2016-05-12Updated to May version 201605Nils Czernia
2016-02-25Updated PKGBUILDNils Czernia
2016-02-23Updated to version February 2016Nils Czernia
2016-02-23Updated to version February 2016Nils Czernia
2016-02-04Fixed some errorsNils
2016-02-04Updated PKGBUILDNils
2016-02-04Changed FilepermissionsNils
2016-02-04Changed FilepermissionsNils
2016-01-05Updated to version 201601Nils
2016-01-05Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2016-01-05Updated to version 201601Nils
2015-12-20Added 'mysql-python' as depencyNils Czernia
2015-12-16Automatic changing files to python2Nils Czernia
2015-12-16Automatic changing files to python2Nils Czernia
2015-12-16Added new pear depenciesNils Czernia
2015-12-15Fixed some issuesNils Czernia