AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-11Add missing build dependencies; pass -f to 'git submodule update'Patrick Desaulniers
2020-10-11Add submodules to source array; reference them during prepare()Patrick Desaulniers
2020-10-11Remove CPPFLAGS hack and remove 'libglvnd' from 'depends'Patrick Desaulniers
2020-10-05Set CONFIG to Release_64Patrick Desaulniers
2020-10-04Add 'curl' to 'depends'Patrick Desaulniers
2020-10-04Get rid of hicolor-icon-theme dependencyPatrick Desaulniers
2020-10-04Add git to makedependsPatrick Desaulniers
2020-10-04Initial commitPatrick Desaulniers