AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-20forgot to update my name in gitJulie Shapiro
2021-05-19bump to v1.4.0Joel Shapiro
2021-02-13v1.3.3, fix bmake issueJoel Shapiro
2020-12-26bump to v1.3.1, add pkgconf makedef, fix libelf name test if rebuilding from ...Joel Shapiro
2020-09-23bump to 1.3.0, bump nvidia-modprobe to 450.57Joel Shapiro
2020-07-09v1.2.0Kien Dang
2020-05-22fix pkgrelJoel Shapiro
2020-05-22v1.1.1Kien Dang
2020-04-05wrap elf rename in a conditional checkJoel Shapiro
2020-04-02bump to 1.0.6, fix weird naming issue with libelf buildJoel Shapiro
2019-09-09repackage to Apache2, update to latest versionJoel Shapiro
2019-05-01bump to 1.0.2Joel Shapiro
2019-03-25Use _nvmpver in source urlkiendang
2019-03-25remove absolute references to patchesJoel Shapiro
2019-03-20patch so make is no longer dependent on the package begin inside a ...Joel Shapiro
2019-03-16Update .gitignorekiendang
2019-03-15Merge branch 'format'Joel Shapiro
2019-03-15Update .SRCINFOkiendang
2019-03-15Reformat maintainerkiendang
2019-03-15Add patch to sourcekiendang
2019-03-15Move -lirpc flagkiendang
2019-03-14license corrected to be bsdJoel Shapiro
2019-03-14replace relative lib paths so they're absoluteJoel Shapiro
2019-03-11Re-include rpcsvc-protokiendang
2019-03-09Update .SRCINFO for 1.0.1kiendang
2019-03-08bump version to 1.0.1Joel Shapiro
2019-03-08Remove redundant dependencieskiendang
2019-03-08Remove libtirpc from sourcekiendang
2019-03-08remove all errors from namcap, however some warnings remainJoel Shapiro
2019-03-08Fix namcap warning about name of non standard variableskiendang
2019-03-07remove /usr/share/include/nvc.h from tools pkgJoel Shapiro
2019-03-07change pkgbuild to build from sources. oh boy this was more work than i thoughtJoel Shapiro
2018-04-091.0.0_0.1.beta.1Luke Yeager
2018-03-051.0.0-0.1.alpha.2Luke Yeager
2017-11-151.0.0-0.1.alpha.2Luke Yeager
2017-10-19Update download URLLuke Yeager
2017-09-12Initial commitLuke Yeager