AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-15Fix Version SchemeAlbert Westra
2020-03-15Update Version SchemeAlbert Westra
2020-01-23Added Optimization Flags and added .gitignoreAlbert Westra
2017-09-22Update VersionAlbert Westra
2017-07-16UpdateAlbert Westra
2017-07-14Update VersioningAlbert Westra
2017-07-07Update VersionAlbert Westra
2017-07-06Remove Gegl Dependency and Fixed VersionAlbert Westra
2017-06-24conflicts, providesIru Cai
2017-02-13updateIru Cai
2016-12-25updateIru Cai
2016-08-06version updateIru Cai
2016-05-18update, use autotools instead of sconsIru Cai
2016-04-28update revision, not too much thingIru Cai
2015-12-27fix typoIru Cai
2015-12-27libmypaint initial commitIru Cai