AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
22 hoursFixed typoPaul-Louis Ageneau
22 hoursAdded dependency on plog rather than installing itPaul-Louis Ageneau
22 hoursProperly set DESTDIRPaul-Louis Ageneau
22 hoursUse cmake to installPaul-Louis Ageneau
22 hoursBumped version to 0.12.1Paul-Louis Ageneau
6 daysBumped version to 0.12.0Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-03-25Updated .SRCINFOPaul-Louis Ageneau
2021-03-25Bumped version to v0.11.10Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-02-11Fixed indentationPaul-Louis Ageneau
2021-02-11Fixed libsrtp dependencyPaul-Louis Ageneau
2021-02-11Generated .SRCINFOPaul-Louis Ageneau
2021-02-11Bumped version to v0.11.1Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-02-10Switch to libjuice backend and link against system libsrtp2Paul-Louis Ageneau
2020-12-16Initial PKGBUILDJay Schmidek