AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-02make use of split-package dependencies to avoid conflicts at makepkg timeMantas Mikulėnas
2018-08-31use from openmp and hope it worksMantas Mikulėnas
2017-11-13update middleware archive versionMantas Mikulėnas
2017-06-01update tarball hash, and verify the inner .deb separatelyMantas Mikulėnas
2017-05-27remove unused eula.pdfMantas Mikulėnas
2017-05-20remove compat leftoverMantas Mikulėnas
2017-05-20...and fix buildMantas Mikulėnas
2017-05-20update openssl dependenciesMantas Mikulėnas
2017-05-06how did that even workMantas Mikulėnas
2017-05-06fix srcinfoMantas Mikulėnas
2017-05-06release barely working 7.2.0_b04Mantas Mikulėnas
2017-01-11use new sourcesMantas Mikulėnas
2017-01-11temporarily rehost sourcesMantas Mikulėnas
2015-10-27add URLMantas Mikulėnas
2015-10-27initial commitMantas Mikulėnas