AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-10UPdated to version 3.3 (sync with upstream even if they call the version 3.3.1)llde
2019-11-01update to 3.2.1llde
2019-08-07Updated to 3.1.2llde
2019-04-02Fixed x265.pc, fix dependancyllde
2019-02-18Up to version 3.0llde
2018-10-20Fix pkg-config file error, correct cmake option, updated to x265 2.9llde
2018-09-03Update to version 2.8 . Added lib32-numactl dependancy (broke build script i...llde
2017-08-24fixed comments and descritptionlorenzo
2017-08-24First version of the lib32-x265 package.lorenzo