AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
10 daysfix checksumsMark Wagie
13 daysmerged my local changes.ysblokje
14 daysupdate build for Meson package guidelines, add check()Mark Wagie
2020-09-12bump pkgrelMark Wagie
2020-09-12remove unnecessary deps, fix build flags, PKGBUILD tweaksMark Wagie
2020-09-11remove all the things.... except libsysblokje
2020-09-11update to 1.6ysblokje
2020-03-04new fixed release upstream.ysblokje
2020-03-03update to 1.5.1ysblokje
2020-01-22version update to 1.5ysblokje
2019-07-21update to 1.4Minze Zwerver
2019-04-19version bumpMinze Zwerver
2019-03-19a little cleanup after recommendations.Minze Zwerver
2019-03-15version bump to 1.3Minze Zwerver
2018-07-21update to 1.2Minze Zwerver
2018-05-18moved back to downloading archivesMinze Zwerver
the release tarball got fixed
2018-05-14bump to 1.1Minze Zwerver
Also switched to git checkout instead of release tar.gz
2018-04-14release number ++Minze Zwerver
2018-04-14add lib32-systemd as build dependencyMinze Zwerver
2018-04-111st commit.Minze Zwerver