AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-07-15Version 7.6 releasedDaniel Cafe
2021-04-10Version 7.5Marcin Wieczorek
2020-12-19Version 7.4 releasedDaniel Cafe
2020-10-06Version 7.3 releasedDaniel Cafe
2020-07-01Version 7.2 releasedDaniel Cafe
LAM 7.2 with support for remote SMTP server and fix for membership management. LAM Pro allows to specify a remote server for email sending. An important bug regarding group membership management was fixed.
2020-03-24Version 7.1 releasedDaniel Cafe
2019-12-21Version 7.0 releasedDaniel Cafe
2019-10-08Version 6.9 releasedDaniel Cafe
2019-07-05Version 6.8 releasedDaniel Cafe
2019-05-12forgot to update sha256sumDaniel Café
2019-05-12Version 6.7Daniel Café
2019-01-10Forgot SRCINFODaniel Cafe
2019-01-10Version 6.6Daniel Cafe
2018-09-30Corrected SHA256 sumDaniel Cafe
2018-09-30updated .SRCINFODaniel Cafe
2018-09-30Version 6.5Daniel Cafe
2018-09-30Added nginx exampleDaniel Cafe
2018-08-05Version 6.4Daniel Cafe
2017-12-17Version 6.2Marcin Wieczorek
2017-11-06Version 6.1Marcin Wieczorek
2016-11-02Version 5.5Marcin Wieczorek
2016-05-17Update to 5.3Marcin Wieczorek
2015-07-04Initial importWithHat