AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-12Add LICENSE to packageMikhail Swift
2020-06-04Update to 0.9.0Mikhail Swift
2020-05-25Properly pass in version to go build ldflags optionMikhail Swift
2020-05-25Modify pkgbuild to use new recommended go package guidelinesMikhail Swift
2020-02-12Bump to 0.8Mikhail Swift
2019-11-19Fix incorrect .srcinfoMikhail Swift
2019-11-19Bump version to 0.7.6Mikhail Swift
2019-09-09Bump to v0.7.4Mikhail Swift
2019-08-31Bump to 0.7.1Mikhail Swift
2019-08-16Update to 0.7Mikhail Swift
2019-08-06Update to 0.6.4Mikhail Swift
2019-07-29Bump version to 0.6.3Mikhail Swift
2019-07-10Bump to 0.5.5Mikhail Swift
2019-07-05Update makedepends (remove dep, add git)Mikhail Swift
2019-07-05Bump to 0.5.4Mikhail Swift
2019-07-04Bump to 0.4Mikhail Swift
2019-07-02Bump to 0.3.0Mikhail Swift
2019-07-01Update to 0.2.5Mikhail Swift
2019-06-30Bump rel versionMikhail Swift
2019-06-30Remove unit tests from pkgbuildMikhail Swift
2019-06-30Add additional architectures (untested)Mikhail Swift
2019-06-30Update sha1sum of 0.2.4 releaseMikhail Swift
2019-06-30mendMikhail Swift
2019-06-30Update to 0.2.4Mikhail Swift
2019-06-30Update to 0.2.4Mikhail Swift
2019-06-30Add pkgbuild for lazydockerMikhail Swift