AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-27Bump package release after patch.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2018-01-27Include fix for default JACK conftool.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2016-10-01Clean up superfluous statements.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2016-09-04.install made redundant by pacman hooks, removed.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2016-03-30Simplify/Shorten sed statment in prepare.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2016-03-30Update to version 1 from github.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2016-03-27Moved environment variables into build from prepare and added intltool to mak...Llewelyn Trahaearn
2016-01-26Dependency tuning.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2015-11-22Added g++ flag to resolve error.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2015-08-09Added boost to depends.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2015-07-18Modified white-space.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2015-07-16Package tuning.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2015-07-11Updated .SRCINFO.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2015-07-11Changed dependency from git to release package.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2015-07-11Initial import.Llewelyn Trahaearn