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2021-04-19labwc-git: seatd seems to be a direct depNarrat
Got informed that seatd is direct dep. Therefore adding it as dep, instead on relying it being pulled in by wlroots-git
2021-04-17labwc-git: depend on wlroots-gitNarrat
the build process changed. labwc master needs wlroots master and added seatd as dep. Therefore changing the dep. In the future it may change to build this package with non-system packages. But currently it fails on the subproject wlroots (not buildable).
2021-04-16labwc-git: bump regarding wlroots 0.13.0Narrat
and enabling man-pages
2021-03-07labwc-git: change pkgver()Narrat
as upstream now uses tags
2021-03-04labwc-git: disable generation of man-pagesNarrat
Defaults changed with And don't want this, because it requires the humongous pandoc. There will be a transition to scdoc. After that is done, man-pages will be enabled.
2021-03-01labwc: fix descriptionNarrat
Somehow overlooked the obvious typo... well..
2021-03-01labwc: mention bemenu as optdepNarrat
Used as default launcher if no configuration was done previously.
2021-01-30labwc: xorg-xserver-xwayland -> xorg-xwaylandNarrat
xwayland got a separate package, as a Xorg release wasn't in the pipeline but fixes accumulated upstream for xwayland
2020-10-18labwc-git: add pango as depNarrat
glib2 and libxml2 are covered by cairo.
2020-08-19labwc: Remove patch regarding werrorNarrat
obsolete with
2020-07-23labwc: Initial commitNarrat