AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysBump package revisionGrim Kriegor
11 daysDynamically find compatible Java versionGrim Kriegor
2021-08-10Switch dependency to Java 16Grim Kriegor
2021-06-21Add a simple gitignoreGrim Kriegor
2021-01-25Take the new Java version default into considerationGrim Kriegor
2020-06-10Switch dependency from Java 11 to 14Grim Kriegor
2020-03-09Set JAVA_HOME and make it depend on Java 11Grim Kriegor
2019-12-21Specify dependency package versionsGrim Kriegor
2019-08-05Handle the removal of package.json when getting the versionGrim Kriegor
2019-08-05New path to executable.dllud
2019-06-14Initial commitGrim Kriegor