AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-18Fix crash in the patch for blocking users in groupsIlya Fedin
2020-09-08Add an option to hide messages from blocked users in groupIlya Fedin
2020-05-07Update to 1.3.4Ilya Fedin
2020-05-03Update to 1.3.3Ilya Fedin
2020-04-27Fix build by using of bundled GSLIlya Fedin
2020-04-27Update to k1.3.1Ilya Fedin
2020-04-15Don't use external libtgvoip since it has unstable ABIIlya Fedin
2020-04-08Update to k1.2.2Ilya Fedin
2020-03-19Update to k1.2Ilya Fedin
2020-02-02Update to k1.1.6Ilya Fedin
2020-01-26Update to k1.1.5Ilya Fedin
2020-01-25Update to k1.1.4Ilya Fedin
2020-01-19Update to k1.1.3Ilya Fedin
2020-01-18Update base to v1.9.4Ilya Fedin
2020-01-17Forget to update submodulesIlya Fedin
2020-01-16Add multiple commits from dev branch, update cmake rule fixes, add fix for im...Ilya Fedin
2020-01-07Fix Qt plugin searchIlya Fedin
2020-01-06Restore dependencies and add a possilble fix for Fedin
2020-01-05Update base to v1.9.3Ilya Fedin
2019-12-24Release k1.1.2Dmitry Porunov
2019-12-17Release k1.1.1Dmitry Porunov
2019-12-16Release k1.1.1Dmitry Porunov
2019-12-15Release k1.1.1Dmitry Porunov
2019-12-05Release k1.1.1Dmitry Porunov
2019-11-18Release k1.1.1Dmitry Porunov
2019-11-18Release k1.1.1Dmitry Porunov
2019-11-13Release k1.1.1Dmitry Porunov
2019-11-13Release k1.1.1Dmitry Porunov
2019-11-13Release k1.1.1Dmitry Porunov
2019-11-13Release k1.1.1Dmitry Porunov
2019-11-13Release k1.1.1Dmitry Porunov
2019-11-12Remove unnecessary filesDmitry Porunov
2019-11-12Commenting out unneccesary stuffDmitry Porunov
2019-11-12Add dos2unix backDmitry Porunov
2019-11-12Should workDmitry Porunov
2019-11-12update sha512sumsDmitry Porunov
2019-11-12DebugDmitry Porunov
2019-11-12Debug tdesktop.patchDmitry Porunov
2019-11-12Update tdesktop.patchDmitry Porunov
2019-11-11Fix patches, update sha512sumsDmitry Porunov
2019-11-11Fix patchesDmitry Porunov
2019-11-11Uncomment patch Revert-Disable-DemiBold-fallback-for-Semibold.patchDmitry Porunov
2019-11-11Release k1.1Dmitry Porunov
2019-11-09Revert naming changesDmitry Porunov
2019-11-09Fix pkgnameDmitry Porunov
2019-11-09Add dependenciesDmitry Porunov
2019-11-09Add sha256sumsDmitry Porunov
2019-11-09InitialDmitry Porunov