AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-04-05Bump version to 12.0.1-18441Thomas Sarboni
2019-04-29Bump version to 11.1.1Thomas Sarboni
2018-06-28Bump version to 11.1.0 and made some cleanupThomas Sarboni
2018-01-07Bump version to 11.0.2 and conflicts with komodo-ideThomas Sarboni
2017-12-19Update to fix a mismatch between PKGBUILD ans .SRCINFOThomas Sarboni
2017-11-07Bump version to 11.0.0Thomas Sarboni
2017-10-05Bump version to 11.0.0Thomas Sarboni
2017-05-07Bump version to 10.2.2Thomas Sarboni
2017-03-24Bump version to 10.2.1Thomas Sarboni
2017-03-07Correct an error in sha256sumsThomas Sarboni
2017-03-06Bump version to 10.2.0Thomas Sarboni
2016-12-23Bump version to 10.1.4Thomas Sarboni
2016-12-13Bump version to 10.1.3Thomas Sarboni
2016-11-30Bump version to 10.1.2Thomas Sarboni
2016-09-07Update to 10.1.1-17414Thomas Sarboni
2016-08-26Update to 10.1.0-17404Thomas Sarboni
2016-06-24Updated to 10.0.1Thomas Sarboni
2016-05-20Correct an little error in PKGBUILDThomas Sarboni
2016-05-20Updated to 10.0.0Thomas Sarboni
2016-01-13Updated to 9.3.2Thomas Sarboni
2015-12-01Updated to 9.3.1Thomas Sarboni
2015-11-11Updated to 9.3.0Thomas Sarboni
2015-09-11Replaced libjpeg dependency by libjpeg-turboThomas Sarboni
2015-09-10Updated to 9.2.1Thomas Sarboni
2015-08-10Updated to 9.2.0Thomas Sarboni
2015-06-14Initial importThomas Sarboni