AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-28bump to 19.0.3thepasto
2021-10-28Bump to 19.0.2 and 19.3 headersthepasto
2021-09-19bump to 19.0.0thepasto
2021-09-12bump to 7.6.12thepasto
2021-09-11bump to 7.6.11thepasto
2021-08-29bump to 7.6.10thepasto
2021-07-12bump to 7.6.8thepasto
2021-07-05bump to 7.6.7thepasto
2021-07-04bump to 7.6.6thepasto
2021-05-16bump to 7.6.5thepasto
2021-05-10kodi 19.1thepasto
2021-05-10bump to 7.6.4thepasto
2021-05-03bump to 7.6.2thepasto
2021-04-11Bump to 7.6.1thepasto
2021-04-07Bump to 7.6.0thepasto
2021-03-24Bump to 7.5.1thepasto
2021-03-10Bump to 7.5.0thepasto
2021-03-01kodi 19 upgradethepasto
2021-01-15Bump to v3.10.0thepasto
2020-11-08updated to 18.9. git moved to makedependsthepasto
2020-09-09fix to build with cmake 3.18 - Kodi 18.8thepasto
2020-03-11Bump to v 3.9.8thepasto
2020-01-14Bump to v 3.8.8 - kodi 18.5thepasto
2019-11-09Bump to v 3.8.6thepasto
2019-10-05Bump to v3.8.3thepasto
2019-09-16Bump to version 3.8.1thepasto
2019-08-08get rid of git shallowthepasto
2019-07-21Bump to 3.5.8, Add armv6h to supported arch platformsthepasto
2019-02-26Updates for kodi 18.1 thx to @migrevFrancesco Pastorelli
2017-09-15updated checksumthepasto
2017-08-25Bump to 2.4.14, Kodi 17.4thepasto
2017-05-26Updated kodi headers to match current versionthepasto
2017-05-25Updated kodi headers to match current versionthepasto
2017-05-25Bump to 2.4.11 versionthepasto
2017-02-23Added git dependecy #2thepasto
2017-02-23Added git dependecythepasto
2017-02-11Import sourcesthepasto