AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-29Update to latest on master branchClaus Klingberg
2019-11-07Add libev and pkgconfig dependencies per request to allow arm-builds to work.Claus Klingberg
2019-01-01Replace cmake with more powerful fmt in build-deps since cmake is just a band...Claus Klingberg
2018-12-10Added cmake dependency, proper formatting, update to latest upstreamClaus Klingberg
2018-06-01Added Arm64-architecture as it reportingly worksClaus Klingberg
2017-11-17Update build, remove evdev-dependencyClaus Klingberg
2017-04-23Upgrade package to current upstream build structureClaus Klingberg
2015-10-30Update to latest upstream commit.Claus Klingberg
2015-08-25Initial importClaus Klingberg