AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-28update due to removal of provides quazip-qt5 in quazipNorbert Pfeiler
2019-05-02backport GCC8 fixNorbert Pfeiler
2017-10-295.1Norbert Pfeiler
2017-03-185.0.1Norbert Pfeiler
2017-01-18update to v5.0Norbert Pfeiler
2016-08-04workaround redeclaration errorNorbert Pfeiler
2016-07-10update compile options due to Qt 5.7Norbert Pfeiler
2016-04-20add contributor tag and remove implicit dependeciesNorbert Pfeiler
2016-04-09use ninja and remove boost (it actually isn’t needed at runtime either)Norbert Pfeiler
2016-04-08split boost and add libxmuNorbert Pfeiler
2015-12-10C++11 ABI rebuildNorbert Pfeiler
2015-08-06patch for quazip compatibilityNorbert Pfeiler
2015-06-19more disguiseNorbert Pfeiler
2015-06-18initial commitNorbert Pfeiler