AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-24Added comment. Update SRCINFO.Jean-Luc Tambasco
2019-05-24Bug fix.Jean-Luc Tambasco
2019-05-23Updated build to work with new version.Jean-Luc Tambasco
2019-04-04Removed patch.Jean-Luc Tambasco
2019-01-22Updated SRCINFO.Jean-Luc Tambasco
2018-10-03Use latest ruby.Jean-Luc Tambasco
2018-10-03Multithreaded the build process. Enforced klayout be compiled with Qt5.Jean-Luc Tambasco
2018-10-03Bug fix in PKGBUILD folder path.Jean-Luc Tambasco
2018-10-02Added files.Jean-Luc Tambasco