AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-09Change pkgver styleNick Østergaard
2020-07-20Update .SRCINFONick Østergaard
2020-07-20Use gold linker to make linking a bit fasterNick Østergaard
2020-04-30Fix code source urlNick Østergaard
2019-04-22Use stable release of glmNick Østergaard
2019-03-01Use glm-git to be able to build with gcc againNick Østergaard
2019-01-12Use python3 and wxpython version 4 aka phoenixNick Østergaard
2019-01-12Remove OCE_DIR as we are not likely to use oce any time soonNick Østergaard
2019-01-12Force the build to use clangNick Østergaard
2019-01-05Use git+https://Nick Østergaard
2018-08-02Use OCC instead of OCENick Østergaard
2018-08-02Change indentation for cmake argsNick Østergaard
2018-02-17Enable some scriptingNick Østergaard
2018-02-17Disable all scripting...Nick Østergaard
2018-02-17Disable wxpython scriptingNick Østergaard
2018-01-31Add ngspice as a dependNick Østergaard
2018-01-18Enable action menuNick Østergaard
2017-07-12Fix LIBDIR pathNick Østergaard
2017-05-09Add better find for OCE_DIRNick Østergaard
2017-04-19Add comment about ngspiceNick Østergaard
2017-04-19Enable oceNick Østergaard
2017-04-19Add CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIRNick Østergaard
2017-04-19Tiny cleanyp of PKGBUILDNick Østergaard
2017-01-05Removed RPATH error reported by namcapSamuel A. Winchenbach
2017-01-05Enabled scriptingSamuel A. Winchenbach
2016-10-28Updated the upstream URLSamuel A. Winchenbach
2016-09-01Use the official repoSamuel A. Winchenbach
2016-01-11Fixed optional dependsSamuel A. Winchenbach
2016-01-11Fixed optional dependsSamuel A. Winchenbach
2016-01-11Removed -DKICAD_SKIP_BOOST=ONSamuel A. Winchenbach
2015-12-09Still trying to figure out versioningSamuel A. Winchenbach
2015-12-08Updated .SRCINFOSamuel A. Winchenbach
2015-12-08bumbed version numberSamuel A. Winchenbach
2015-12-08Added glm as a dependencySamuel A. Winchenbach
2015-10-08Generated package name will now match the bzr revision numberSamuel A. Winchenbach
2015-10-08Updated description of packageSamuel A. Winchenbach
2015-10-08Initial CommitSamuel A. Winchenbach