AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-15Update pkgverAetf
2018-01-22Fix missing revision count in version pkgver and add missing dependencyAetf
2017-12-31Remove 'v' prefix from the version tag. Thanks @mensindaAetf
2017-10-07Update dependenciesAetf
2017-09-28Update dependenciesAetf
2017-08-09Merge kdevplatform into kdevelop as done in upstream, also update dependenciesAetf
2016-09-03Rely on pacman hooks to update desktop database and mime databaseAetf
2016-09-01Adopted packageAetf
2016-05-26...I missed a digitgreenbagels
2016-05-26Update .SRCINFO, too!greenbagels
2016-05-26Long-due update to 4.90.92greenbagels
2015-12-18Bump to latest git source (4.90.90.r23077.88715d6)greenbagels
2015-11-24Update package version to reflect newest HEADgreenbagels
2015-10-26Add provides=()sl1pkn07
2015-10-13Update make/optdepends=()sl1pkn07
2015-09-11Update PKGBUILDsl1pkn07
2015-07-17ops. typo :Ssl1pkn07
2015-07-17Update pkgver()sl1pkn07
2015-06-08Initial commitsl1pkn07