AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-26Fix changed source destinationsowieso
2021-06-23Update hash due to upstream change (dictionary update?)sowieso
2020-10-10Move config to etcsowieso
2020-09-17Update for 1.0.4 releasesowieso
2020-07-11Update for 1.0.3 releasesowieso
2020-02-20Update hashes, add default config with hotkeys, use recommended memory settingssowieso
2020-01-20Update for 1.0.0 releaseYour Name
2018-12-08Unannounced update of dictonary files upstream → updated hashessowieso
2018-02-19Updated to 0.9.13sowieso
2016-11-22updated md5sum (upstream change)sowieso
2016-06-16Initial Commitsowieso