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14 daysAdd server binaryaligator
14 daysSwitch to actively developed fork by paulwedeckaligator
2019-07-21fix srcinfoaligator
2019-07-21use gradlew with downloded zip as gradle 5 is incompatible, refactoringsaligator
2018-08-22add gradlealigator
2018-08-22added --gradle-user-home=.aligator
2018-08-22use gradle instead of gradlewrapper for buildingaligator
2018-05-25fix email and replace tabs with spacesaligator
2018-05-19added .desktop filesaligator
2018-04-15changed pkgrelaligator
2018-04-15fix optdependaligator
2018-04-15init packagealigator