AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-18update to 2020.1.1Stick
2019-10-18clean up PKGBUILD (direct download)Stick
2019-10-11update to 2019.2.0Stick
2019-01-11up: 2018.2.4Stick
2018-10-13up: 2018.2.0Stick
2018-07-26up: 2018.1.4Stick
2018-04-03up: 2018.1.0-1Stick
2018-03-08fix: warn about environment variablesStick
2018-03-08up: version 7.1.7 of JRebelStick
2016-11-21Updated to version 7.0.0.Evan McLean
2016-04-18Updated to version 6.4.2a.Evan McLean
2016-03-04Updated to version 6.4.0.Evan McLean
2015-12-16Updated to 2.3.0.Evan McLean
2015-10-02Updated to version 6.2.5.Evan McLean
2015-09-15Update to 6.2.4.Evan McLean
2015-08-25Update to 6.2.3.Evan McLean
2015-08-05Whoops, forgot to update the .SRCINFO in the previous commit!Evan McLean
2015-08-04Updated to 6.2.2.Evan McLean
2015-06-18Update to 6.2.1.Evan McLean
2015-06-15Initial import.Evan McLean