AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-07-13update to 5.3Stick
2020-02-12update to 5.2.1Stick
2019-11-14update to 5.2Stick
2019-06-15forgot .SRCINFOStick
2019-06-15update to version 5.1.1Stick
Also changed StartupWMClass from `code` to `jmeter` to resolve conflict with VSCode, and added `.gitignore` from
2019-03-11update to 5.1Stick
2018-09-30up: jmeter 5.0Stick
2018-02-13update to version 4.0; compatible with Java 9Stick
2017-12-12add .desktop file and verify sourceStick
2017-12-08Updated to version 3.3Viliam Ganz
2017-05-05Add SRCINFOSeverus
Signed-off-by: Severus <>
2017-05-05Update PKGBUILDSeverus
Require java environment >=8 Signed-off-by: Severus <>
2017-04-11Fix .SRCINFOSeverus
2017-02-28bump to 3.1 versionSeverus
2016-06-18bump to 3.0marco44
2015-06-15Initial importmarco44