AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-03Added version 1.57.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2017-07-071.56 upstream release.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2017-05-071.55 release from upstream.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2017-04-22Release 1.54 from upstream.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-12-10Release 1.53 from upstream.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-12-07Upstream release 1.52.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-11-26Release 1.51Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-10-24Ditto.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-10-24Install LICENSE per package guidelines. Fixed dependency warnings. StillJeffrey E. Bedard
2016-10-23Release 1.50. Remove LDFLAGS hack needed for previous release, fixedJeffrey E. Bedard
2016-10-15Release 1.49. Added LDFLAGS define to make command to fix build and removed ...Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-09-09Updated to release 1.48.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-07-23Release 1.47.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-05-271.46 release.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-04-27Release 1.45.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-04-24Updated to release 1.44.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-03-261.43.3 contains changes that should have been in 1.43.2.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-03-261.43.2 release, fixes crash on window kill and window outline artifacts.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-03-22Release 1.43.1Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-03-21Release 1.43Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-02-061.42 bumpJeffrey E. Bedard
2016-01-24Updated to 1.41.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-01-131.40 bumpJeffrey E. Bedard
2016-01-10Update to 1.39 release of jbwm.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2015-12-26Update to 1.38Jeffrey E. Bedard
2015-11-08Initial revisionJeffrey E. Bedard