AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-05-01Fix _JAVA_OPTIONS breaking JDK version detectionZach Callear
2018-04-25Explicitly require OpenJDK 7 for buildZach Callear
Although this can build on OpenJDK 8, specifying that with java-environment and limiting the version still results in the user getting a prompt to pick the specific version they want. Requiring specifically OpenJDK 7, as the official package does, makes it much more foolproof for the user.
2018-04-25Require java-environment less than 9 for buildZach Callear
2018-04-25Update to 8u172 b11Zach Callear
Update to OpenJDK 1.8 8u171 b11, and more closely match Arch official PKGBUILD.
2017-04-20Update: 8.u152John K. Luebs
2017-01-28Update: 8.u121Andrejs Mivreņiks
2016-10-23Update pkg sumsAndrejs Mivreņiks
2016-10-23Update: 8.u112Andrejs Mivreņiks
2016-10-20Remove order number from patch file nameAndrejs Mivreņiks
2016-10-20Remove unused `_DOC_ARCH` variableAndrejs Mivreņiks
2016-10-20Clean up dependenciesAndrejs Mivreņiks
2016-09-10Add `-Wno-deprecated-declarations` compiler flagAndrejs Mivreņiks
2016-08-03Unset CLASSPATH environment variable before buildAndrejs Mivreņiks
2016-07-27Update hash sums and SRCINFOAndrejs Mivreņiks
2016-07-27Update: 8.u102Andrejs Mivreņiks
2016-05-18Switch GCC `-std` flag value to `gnu++98`Andrejs Mivreņiks
2016-04-24Update: 8.u92Andrejs Mivreņiks
2016-03-31Update: 8.u77Andrejs Mivreņiks
2016-02-08Update: 8u74Andrejs Mivreņiks
2016-01-23Update: 8.u72Andrejs Mivreņiks
2015-12-17Update: 8u66Andrejs Mivreņiks
2015-10-24Update: 8.u65Andrejs Mivreņiks
2015-08-24Add `fontconfig-infinality` as make dependencyAndrejs Mivreņiks
2015-08-24Fix patching issueAndrejs Mivreņiks
2015-08-24Update: 8.u60Andrejs Mivreņiks
2015-08-18Merge changes from the original packageAndrejs Mivreņiks
2015-08-17Update to 8u51Christoph Bayer
2015-06-21Initial importChristoph Bayer