AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-04fix signature package namephyskets
2020-10-04Update to: 2.18physkets
2019-03-16update, signature addition & shift to optdependsphyskets
2018-05-01Switched archive from .zip to .tar.gz.Dimitrios Vogiatzis
2018-05-01Set arch=('any').Dimitrios Vogiatzis
2018-01-15Update to: 2.16-1Dimitrios Vogiatzis
2017-04-04Checksums...Dimitrios Vogiatzis
2017-04-04Update to: 2.15-1Dimitrios Vogiatzis
2016-09-25Fixed typo, removed useless prepare block, switched to sha256 from md5.Dimitrios Vogiatzis
2016-07-25Fixed newlineDimitrios Vogiatzis
2016-07-25Update to: 2.14-1Dimitrios Vogiatzis
2015-06-23Update to: 2.13-1Justin Dray
2015-05-28Cleaned up organization for arch packages in prep for aur4Justin Dray