AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-12-26Update version 4.13.3Samuel Mesa
2019-10-11Version 4 for Orfeo ToolboxSamuel Mesa
2019-08-05Update to 5.0.1Christopher Mullins
2019-06-16Update to 5.0.0Christopher Mullins
2018-12-16Use system GDCM.Christopher Mullins
Set cmake variable to use system GDCM now that the GDCM package is updated to v2.8.8, which should solve the problem with openjpeg2 being built and ignoring the USE_SYSTEM_OPENJPEG setting.
2018-12-13Update to 4.13.1Christopher Mullins
2018-03-05Update to 4.13.0Christopher Mullins
2017-06-26Update to 4.12.0Christopher Mullins
2017-03-18Update to 4.11.0Christopher Mullins
2016-11-13Update to 4.10.1Christopher Mullins
2016-06-30Update to 4.10.0Christopher Mullins
2016-04-18Update to 4.9.1Christopher Mullins
2016-02-05Update to 4.9.0Christopher Mullins
2016-01-18Add easy variable for python wrapping option.Christopher Mullins
TODO: add separate options for python2 and 3, default finds 3.
2016-01-11Update to 4.8.2.Christopher Mullins
Turn python bindings off by default.
2015-07-07Initial importAndrzej Giniewicz