AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-10-13Bump versionAdrian Perez de Castro
2017-03-06Remove unneeded patch: use_tls.patchAdrian Perez de Castro
2017-02-27Patch irssi-xmpp locally for newer versions of IrssiAdrian Perez de Castro
This is a minor change which allows the plugin to build and work again.
2016-02-28Add architectures armv6h and armv7hAdrián Pérez de Castro
While "arm" is used as a generic ARM-based architecture (e.g. Kirkwood-based GuruPlug and DreamPlug use it), some devices have a more specific ARM variant architecture. This patch adds them as supported.
2015-07-13Added missing pkg-config makedependsAdrian Perez de Castro
2015-07-13Fix .gitignore patternAdrian Perez de Castro
2015-07-13Initial importAdrian Perez de Castro