AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-10-15Remove python2 package, specify dependenciesAshwin Vishnu
Try to keep the same pkgbase
2020-04-256.2.5Ashwin Vishnu
2019-06-056.2.4Ashwin Vishnu
2019-02-06Add setuptools as depends because CLI tools rely on pkg_resources moduleAshwin Vishnu
2019-02-06Install license, mv /usr/etc -> /etcAshwin Vishnu
2019-02-06Modify prepare with cp -a and install with optimizeAshwin Vishnu
2019-02-06Forgot to add #Ashwin Vishnu
2019-02-06Add maintainer, contributorAshwin Vishnu
2019-02-066.2.3 and add openmpi as optdependsAshwin Vishnu
Add conflicts
2018-06-086.2.1Michel Zou
2018-03-046.1.1Michel Zou
2017-03-206.0.2Michel Zou
2017-01-116.0.0Michel Zou
2016-09-235.2.0Michel Zou
2016-02-045.0.0Michel Zou
2016-01-134.1.0Michel Zou
2015-10-04Initial importxantares