AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-14somehow in the merge i borked the version string, whoopsbrent s
2021-01-04version bumpbrent s
2021-01-02...brent s
2021-01-02adding all archesbrent s
2020-08-10adding ARM arch per @shackbrent s
2020-07-15490 releasedbrent s
2020-06-02version bumpbrent s
2019-12-15bump to 3.488brent s
2019-12-10bump to 3.487brent s
2018-10-17version bumpbrent s
2018-07-07version bump, cleaning up some missing doc installationbrent s
2017-11-24fixing some versioningbrent s
2017-11-08update to 3_471brent s
2016-06-26adding graysky's suggestions like, a month latebrent s
2016-06-25adding information for bug tracker, news, etc.brent s
2016-04-07updating gitignoresbrent s
2016-04-06GPG support donebrent s
2016-04-06adding gitignore, updating to sha512sumsbrent s
2016-01-18updating to 434brent s
2015-08-24initial import from AUR3brent s