AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-20Added new sha256sumsNico Rumpeltin
2019-12-20Added QUARTUS_ROOTDIR to pathNico Rumpeltin
2019-12-20Added description to seperate packagesNico Rumpeltin
2019-12-19Fixed path for and modelsim-ase.shNico Rumpeltin
2019-12-18Fixed wrong dependencyNico Rumpeltin
2019-12-18Added meta package and renamed license to baseNico Rumpeltin
2019-12-18Splited package and renamed itNico Rumpeltin
2019-10-08Update to Souza Franco
2018-11-04Fix ModelSim desktop fileGabriel Souza Franco
2018-09-29Update to Souza Franco
2018-08-31Add missing dependencyGabriel Souza Franco
2018-07-10Add missing dependencyGabriel Souza Franco
2018-06-16Fix source urlGabriel Souza Franco
2018-06-16Update to Souza Franco
2016-06-05Added 'ncurses5-compat-libs' dependenciesDanny Dutton
2016-05-25Updated to Dutton
2016-03-16updated srcinfoDanny Dutton
2016-03-16Fixed line in PKGBUILD to help preserve srcDanny Dutton
2016-03-16Cleaned up PKGBUILD to break packaging down into parts.Danny Dutton
2016-03-14Updated Quartus version and added new lib32-freetype2 linkDanny Dutton
2015-06-30Fix modelsimMatthias Blaicher
2015-06-14Move vom old aur and increase version to Blaicher