AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-04-17indicator-kdeconnect - update to 0.9.4Emiel Wiedijk
2018-03-25Sort PKGBUILDEmiel Wiedijk
Reorder the variables in PKGBUILD to match the order on the ArchWiki page.
2018-03-25Remove indicator-kdeconnect-git from conflictsEmiel Wiedijk
According to the ArchWiki (, all packages providing a feature (i.e. indicator-kdeconnect) should conflict with and provide the vanilla package (in this case indicator-kdeconnect, this package). Other packages (i.e. indicator-kdeconnect-git or indicator-kdeconnect-patch) will add inidicator-kdeconnect to the conflicts and provides arrays. Pacman is able to figure out the conflicts itself.
2018-03-25Move vala to makedependsEmiel Wiedijk
Vala is just the compiler, and is not a dependency at runtime. It should be moved from the dependencies to the make dependencies.
2018-03-25License is LGPL 2.1+Emiel Wiedijk
This PKGBUILD used to have the (normal version of the) GPL2+ or later as its license. However, the source code includes the LGPL2.1+ as the licene, and the comments in the source code also refer to "the GNU Lesser General Publc License (version 2.1 or later)".
2018-03-25Update to indicator-kdeconnect 0.9.3Emiel Wiedijk
2018-03-25Add myself as maintainerEmiel Wiedijk
2017-09-25update packageSebastian Gumprich
2017-07-19revamp pkgbuildSebastian Gumprich
2017-07-18update versionSebastian Gumprich
2017-07-16update versionSebastian Gumprich
2017-05-18update versionSebastian Gumprich
2017-05-07add python-gobject as dep, update versionSebastian Gumprich
2017-05-06update versionSebastian Gumprich
2017-04-28update versionSebastian Gumprich
2017-04-22python-requests-oauthlib added as depSebastian Gumprich
2017-04-22update packageSebastian Gumprich
2017-04-19add gitignoreSebastian Gumprich
2017-04-18add conflict sectionSebastian Gumprich
2017-04-17initialSebastian Gumprich