AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-21Bump up include-what-you-use 0.15-1Javier Tiá
2020-05-19Bump up include-what-you-use 0.14-1Javier Tiá
2019-10-26Bump up include-what-you-use 1:0.13-1Javier Tiá
2019-04-14Bump up include-what-you-use 1:0.12-1Javier Tiá
2018-12-14Bump up iwyu 0.11-1Javier Tiá
2018-06-25Bump up include-what-you-use 0.10.0Javier Tiá
2018-02-24Fix cdSebastian Schrader
2018-02-22Update .SRCINFOSebastian Schrader
2018-02-22Update to 0.9Sebastian Schrader
2017-08-03time to stopManuel Mendez
2017-08-03let the shell do the math for meManuel Mendez
2017-08-03oops, <=$_upper is not correctManuel Mendez
2017-08-03update to iwyu-0.8Manuel Mendez
2016-11-01bump version to 0.7Manuel Mendez
2016-11-01use vars for lower and upper bounds of clang/llvm versionManuel Mendez
2016-11-01add cmake to makedependsManuel Mendez
2016-11-01apply shfmtManuel Mendez
2016-05-12update to versioni 0.6Manuel Mendez
2015-12-28update iwyu to 0.5 with support for clang/llvm v3.7Manuel Mendez
2015-07-23add makedepend on llvmManuel Mendez
2015-06-09Do not ignore .SRCINFOManuel Mendez
2015-06-09Initial commitManuel Mendez