AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-28Fix unnecessary dependency on ImageMagick 7Zach Callear
2020-03-27Fix libmagick6 usage, remove apache2 fopenmp fixZach Callear
2017-12-18Switch libmagick6 to dependsZach Callear
2017-12-18Uggh. Fix bad makedepends againZach Callear
2017-12-18Fix bad makedepends listZach Callear
2017-12-18Update .SRCINFOZach Callear
2017-12-18Use libmagick6Zach Callear
2016-02-11Added armv7h and armv6h as suggested by sekret. Updated package version.Zach Callear
2015-08-24Apparently it still needed that Apache module patch. The build failed on one...Zach Callear
2015-08-24Temporarily fixed (Quality Worse t...Zach Callear
2015-08-23Replaced PKGBUILD with the one provided by sekret.Zach Callear
2015-08-14Initial importZach Callear