AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-26Add python-behave dependency for bimtesterNahouhak
2021-01-15Add ifcpatchNahouhak
2021-01-15Add ifccsv and bimtesterNahouhak
2021-01-02Split package to allow blenderbim addon to be installed separatelyNahouhak
2020-12-20Add bcf. Copy libs in python site packages.Nahouhak
2020-11-04Add libxml2 to dependenciesNahouhak
2020-07-27Add ifccobie supportNahouhak
2020-07-26Add Blender BIM Addon installationCyrilWaechter
2020-07-10Updated to v0.6.0 which is the new master
2020-04-11Fix python path. Credit to
2019-05-04Correct opencascade
2017-09-04Updated to 0.5.0.preview2.r128.gc7c5e69Michele Mocciola
2016-05-03Modified to compile with gcc-5.3Michele Mocciola
2015-10-25Added blender addonMichele Mocciola
2015-10-25Initial uploadMichele Mocciola