AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
14 days78.9.0Joan Figueras
2021-02-2478.8.0Joan Figueras
2021-02-1878.7.1Joan Figueras
2021-02-17Fixed optional patch for gpg - verify_sourcesJoan Figueras
2021-02-17Fixed - rust 1.50Joan Figueras
2021-02-07Updated. makeicecat changed a bit. Added _LOCALE variable to choose your loca...Joan Figueras
2021-01-2778.7.0Joan Figueras
2021-01-16Removed cbindgen-0.16.patchJoan Figueras
2021-01-1678.6.1Joan Figueras
2021-01-01Fix cbindgen 0.16.0 buildJoan Figueras
2020-12-1678.6.0Joan Figueras
2020-12-05Removed old patchesJoan Figueras
2020-12-05Fixed build with Rust 1.48Joan Figueras
2020-11-25Revert "Added wget as makedepend. Thanks for the advice @slondr"Joan Figueras
2020-11-24Added wget as makedepend. Thanks for the advice @slondrJoan Figueras
2020-11-19fix sumJoan Figueras
2020-11-1978.5.0Joan Figueras
2020-11-13Fixed sha256sumsJoan Figueras
2020-11-1278.4.1Joan Figueras
2020-10-25Change patch to use mirror for nowJoan Figueras
2020-10-2178.4.0Joan Figueras
2020-09-2278.3.0Joan Figueras
2020-08-2668.12.0Joan Figueras
2020-07-31Fix patchJoan Figueras
2020-07-29fixed patchJoan Figueras
2020-07-2968.11.0Joan Figueras
2020-07-25Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git:// Figueras
2020-07-2568.10.0Joan Figueras
2020-07-0168.10.0Joan Figueras
2020-06-03added m4 to makedependsJoan Figueras
2020-06-0368.9.0Joan Figueras
2020-05-0668.8.0Joan Figueras
2020-04-0768.7.0Joan Figueras
2020-02-12Remove extra tag workaroundFigue
2020-01-26Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2020-01-12add git as makedependJoan Figueras
2019-12-06Better than force flags to generic, added disable-elf-hack to ac_add_options,...Joan Figueras
2019-12-06Revert "Fixed build due to clang segfaults"Joan Figueras
2019-12-06Fixed build due to clang segfaultsJoan Figueras
2019-12-0568.3.0Joan Figueras
2019-11-28v68.2.0-gnu3Joan Figueras
2019-11-20Patch to build against Rust 1.39. Thanks AndyRTRJoan Figueras
2019-11-18Fixed build against rust-bin 1.37.0Figue
2019-10-25Added missing dependenciesFigue
2019-10-24Push to 68.x branch. Not official, some patches comes from Antonio Trande git...Figue