AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-14Substitute variables correctlyRasmus Lindroth
2020-02-24Auto-detect the wm being usedRasmus Lindroth
2020-02-24bugfixes. Support envvars in include path and relative pathsRasmus Lindroth
2020-02-23Added support for includes and random portRasmus Lindroth
2020-02-12Added support for swayRasmus Lindroth
2020-01-19Added toc in web view and the option to filter text and svg output by modifiersRasmus Lindroth
2019-07-12Sort by most used binding. Bug fix in web output not rendering with empty modesRasmus Lindroth
2019-07-11Now also shows used and unused keys in each modeRasmus Lindroth
2019-04-24Fix bug where web output wouldn't workRasmus Lindroth
2019-04-23Added support for printing the keys to the terminalRasmus Lindroth
2019-04-22Added support for outputting SVG filesRasmus Lindroth
2019-04-21Now you can see the command bound to each key. Just hover over a key that's b...Rasmus Lindroth
2019-04-18First release of packageRasmus Lindroth